Let our city centers sparkle again

Retail vacancy is a growing problem in our country's smaller cities, according to recent reports. The fashion industry in particular seems to be having a hard time, with more and more stores closing their doors and only being available online. During the first quarter of this year, the vacancy rate rose to 8,3%, compared to 8% last year. This amounts to 433.000 square meters of retail space that is not being used. 

At Alvast we understand this problem! It is not only a challenge for local entrepreneurs and their shops, but also for the city to maintain their vibrant center. With our services we offer a solution to combat shop vacancy and breathe new life into city centers. 

The Next Stop 

A vacant retail space can quickly deteriorate and therefore have a negative impact on the environment. At Alvast we offer a temporary use for the shop premises using our social concept 'The Next Stop'. We place entrepreneurs in vacant retail space. These entrepreneurs are often overjoyed that they temporarily have a place to start and grow their business. The vacant retail space can be filled in various ways, such as a startup (growth to regular rental), pop-up store, art exhibition or other (creative) initiatives. This means that the retail space remains active and attractive to the public, and the starting entrepreneur has a chance to grow into regular rental. 

Management and maintenance

A vacant retail space needs attention to remain in good condition. We take care of the management and maintenance. Our property managers ensure that the property looks neat and has no negative impact on the environment. 

Together we can ensure that city centers continue to bustle and offer starting entrepreneurs a great opportunity! Contact us today to discover what we can do for you.