Already Academy

At Alvast we see young talent as the future. With us you will find various challenging internships where you can get acquainted with the business world. You get the opportunity to develop yourself in a motivating and pleasant working atmosphere. At Alvast you have the opportunity to get to know all facets of the organization. Would you like to work with us on your future? Become part of the Alvast Academy!

The possibilities

BBL or part-time study

Want to gain work experience at Alvast? Which can! We have several full-time and part-time options for various economics courses.

Job shadowing

Are you studying economics and are you still looking for an internship in the real estate industry? Then you have come to the right place at Alvast. Within Alvast you have the opportunity to get acquainted with all facets within the organization!

The Approachers

Are you at a distance from the labor market and do you like working with your hands? At Alvast we offer you the work guidance you need! Take your first step towards a paid job back in society.

Graduation internship

At Alvast we have various options for graduation internships/graduation assignments. Together we look at an issue that suits your interests and our organization, so that you can graduate successfully!


Are you following a commercial or economic MBO or HBO study and are you interested in the real estate industry? Then apply directly at a regional office near you. We are always looking for motivated and eager to learn interns to teach them more about our profession. We offer internships in various departments. This includes residents' affairs, account management, marketing & communications, financial, administration and real estate management. When applying, please indicate which department you are most interested in and we will look at the options.
Do you have other questions about the Alvast Academy or an internship? Please contact

The Approachers

At Alvast we offer people who are at a distance from the labor market the opportunity to return to work. Through work guidance we increase their chances of finding a paid job in society. Do you know how to tackle things? Are you or do you know someone who is good with their hands and would you like to get back to work? Please contact us immediately!



“During my internship period I was given a lot of freedom to achieve my personal learning goals. The openness within the team in Eindhoven ensured that asking questions was not a big step, which improved my learning and working process. I have been involved in tasks that fall under resident consultant. I enjoyed the contact with residents and really being able to do something for them the most! Alvast has offered me the opportunity to continue working while completing my HBO studies. Thanks to the flexible working method, I can combine this well and I am happy that I will hopefully learn a lot in the near future!”

– Intern 2024


“I completed my internship at Alvast's marketing department. During my part-time studies; entrepreneurship and retail management, I was given the opportunity to put my knowledge into practice during a challenging graduation internship. I worked in the marketing department for 4 days and also did a graduation research. I certainly experienced my internship period as challenging and educational. After completing my studies, I continued to work as a marketing employee at Alvast!”

– Intern 2022


“During my graduation year, I was given the challenge of recruiting various communications graduation assignments. A positioning issue for Alvast was one of these assignments. I enjoyed working in the office at Alvast 2 days a week for a year. Thanks to the flexible way of working and good help from the marketing department, I was able to complete my graduation assignment for Alvast with pleasure. After this assignment, I immediately continued working at Alvast, where I am now responsible for Alvast's marketing and communications together with my colleagues.”

– Intern 2023