Next stop

This concept creates a collective of creative entrepreneurs under one roof who inspire, strengthen and take each other to the next level. The business complex has space for meetings, joint coffee breaks, brainstorming sessions, etc. All entrepreneurs have their own work space. How the entrepreneurs organize their workspace is completely up to them. Consider a destination for the workspace such as an office, workshop or studio. This concept ensures a good temporary use of the object, where creative entrepreneurs also have the opportunity to take the next step with their business.

The concept

The Next Stop in Bergen op Zoom is located in the former police station near the center and train station, with more than 25 business spaces for entrepreneurs who want to take their career to the next stop.

Thanks to this concept I have found my peace and can now rebuild my life”

– temporary resident


Selection procedure

For this concept, the selection procedure takes into account the placement of creative entrepreneurs who are at the start of their business. Entrepreneurs must be open to helping other entrepreneurs and strengthening each other.

Social management

Alvast not only informs the entrepreneurs, but also keeps an eye on whether the concept is properly implemented. Discussions are held with the entrepreneurs and periodic inspection rounds are made through the building. So far, it appears that the entrepreneurs placed are extremely enthusiastic about this concept.

To the next stop together

Doing business in a space where you can learn from other entrepreneurs and support each other where necessary, is central to this concept. Starting a business is often an exciting step, with this concept Alvast offers the opportunity to take your business to the next stop without being completely alone.

Would you also like to apply this concept?

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