Avoid vacancy fines!

The municipality of Arnhem recently introduced a new vacancy ordinance that obliges landlords to report vacant properties within six months. This initiative is aimed at reducing vacancy and preventing speculation. Failure to comply with this regulation can lead to a fine of €3.500 for private landlords and up to €10.300 for professional landlords. 

What does this mean for you as a real estate owner? 

As a property owner, you naturally want to avoid such high fines. Alvast can be called in for this! With our extensive services and experience, we help you manage your vacant real estate effectively. 

How do we do that? 

Temporary rental and management
We provide temporary housing residents/entrepreneurs using a strict selection procedure. This ensures that the property remains occupied and secured. 

Maintenance and management
Our services consist of maintaining and managing the real estate. We ensure that the object is protected against squatting and other adverse consequences of vacancy. 

Advice and support
We provide expert advice and support to meet all municipal requirements. 

Avoid high fines and unnecessary costs! At Alvast we offer a reliable and effective solution to combat vacancy in your real estate. With one of our regional offices in the center of Arnhem, we know the real estate market like no other. Contact us today and we will look for a suitable solution together!