European Neighbors Day

Today is European Neighbors Day! At Alvast we agree with the saying 'better a good neighbor than a distant friend'. Read below 5 facts about why good neighbors are important:

  1. Free security: A good neighbor watches your home when you are away. Free neighbor watch, handy right?! 
  2. Emergency service: Whether you need sugar or a drill, borrowing from a neighbor is often faster than the store around the corner;
  3. Pleasant chat: A chat at the garbage cans or complaining to each other about the cat of the residents from a street away. It can really brighten up your day! 
  4. Arguments?: From small arguments over the hedge to parking the cars in the shared parking spaces. It can sometimes lead to the funniest stories. 
  5. Neighborhood projects: Clean the street together or organize a neighborhood party. It feels like a fun activity with friends. 
At Alvast we think it is important that our residents get along well with the neighborhood where they will live temporarily. That is why we distribute neighbor cards, through these neighbor cards the neighborhood is informed about the new temporary residents. The first step towards good contact with the neighbors!