From classroom to cozy living space

Residents of Alvast in Rozendaal have the privilege of transforming former classrooms into a cozy living space. An example of this can be seen in the image below. 

By using natural colors, this Alvast resident has furnished the living space in a well-organized and spacious manner. 

Finding inspiration:

Before the transformation begins, it is important to gain inspiration. This can be done, for example, via Pintrest or various Woonmagazines. This creates a clear image of your desired atmosphere and style. 

Color and light:

Instead of sticking to the standard classroom white, this resident chose to combine it with a soft green color. The large window allows sufficient daylight to enter the living area, creating a fresh appearance. 

Furniture arrangement: 

Transforming a classroom into a homely space requires creativity, especially when it comes to furniture arrangements. The resident opted for larger furniture such as a large bookcase, a double bed and a spacious dining table. This ensures that the space is well filled and you do not experience a feeling of emptiness. 

Personal touch:

Conviviality often comes from personal elements. The resident added personal items and photos to give the space a unique look. This not only created a homely atmosphere, but also ensures that the resident really feels at home in the space. 

Smart storage solutions:

A classroom is not naturally designed with sufficient storage space, but the resident found smart solutions. Using large storage cupboards and kitchen cupboards kept the space organized and tidy.

All in all, this transformation proves that with some creativity and attention to detail, even the most special spaces can serve as a warm and cozy living space.