Generations live together

One of the projects that Alvast is temporarily managing concerns the Torentjeshoef care complex in Berkel-Enschot. Elderly people in need of care live and meet here with young people. 

Young people with a social attitude, these are the Atmosphere Makers. Alvast uses an intensive candidate selection for this concept. In addition to minimizing the risk of vacancy, the Atmosphere Makers are of great added value for the elderly. This is a win-win situation for both parties. The vacancy is temporarily filled, the quality of life is maintained, the owner is relieved and the atmosphere creators add something to the quality of life of the elderly. 

The future plans with Torentjeshoef are continuing, but a concrete schedule is not yet known. Through temporary management in combination with the Atmosphere Makers concept, there are no vacancies and a positive vibe is created between the residents and the complex. At Alvast we believe it is important to commit ourselves to society and to ensure social cohesion in the care complex. The Atmosphere Makers concept fits in perfectly with this. 

Creating life in the brewery and being able to help each other where necessary is central to this. This often means a lot to the elderly in the complex. With this approach, we select temporary residents who are more than willing to work for the elderly. Not all homes that become available are filled with young people, a significant part is of course still intended for the placement of the elderly. 

Until the new plans for Torentjeshoef are completely clear and the construction of the new apartments starts, we will continue with this project. Several seniors have already asked whether the Atmosphere Makers concept can also be applied to the new construction. I think this says enough about the success of this beautiful project!