"Alvast for Each Other"

'Alvast voor Elkaar' is our extensive service in which specially selected temporary residents are committed to social activities that have a positive influence on the real estate and the quality of life for local residents and complex residents. The aim of 'Alvast voor Elkaar' is to minimize costs for the owner and also to achieve social returns. Alvast offers a tailor-made service package for every assignment.

Social cohesion

Creating social cohesion within a residential complex or neighborhood is of paramount importance to Alvast. Together we strive for mutual help and a pleasant atmosphere in the neighborhood. With initiatives such as a neighbors card and residents' evenings, we work together to create a good atmosphere and investigate ways to maintain this atmosphere.


At Alvast we are actively committed to a more sustainable world. To our CO2To reduce emissions, we have developed, among other things, the EcoBox. This is a box filled with energy-efficient products to reduce energy costs per resident by up to € 455,00 per year on average.


Living through Alvast means living in a pleasant, safe and well-maintained living environment. Together with the residents, we maintain the quality of life and carry out the associated maintenance work.

Already Communication

A well-kept green environment, sufficient lighting around the residential complex, a neighborhood barbecue to get to know the fellow residents better, or a communal space to organize activities. At Alvast we attach great importance to the quality of life in the neighborhood. Are you an Alvast resident and do you have an idea for an initiative or activity? Then complete the registration form and we will see what we can do for you and the neighborhood! If you join the “Alvast Community”, we will together ensure a better quality of life in our neighborhoods and neighbourhoods.

Living concepts

At Alvast we distinguish ourselves through, among other things, our social and sustainable living concepts, with which we respond to trends and developments. Such as the impending staff shortage in the healthcare sector and the tightness on the housing market.

Already for each other in practice

NL-Doet day 2024

Last Wednesday we organized a garden maintenance day as part of NL-Doet, in collaboration with TBV Wonen, Hotspot & Traverse. NL-Doet is the largest volunteer campaign in the Netherlands, where people come together to contribute to various social projects. From Alvast we have invited the residents of the complex to participate in this day.

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Renovating the garden together in Zeist

At the end of November the time had come! Together with residents we have renovated the garden of a large project. The project concerns an old TBS youth clinic where Alvast has placed several residents to combat the vacancy of this building and maintain the quality of life in the neighborhood.

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