New developments in tenancy law!

There are currently important developments in tenancy law that may be important for property owners with regard to renting out residential accommodation. 

Examples include the Good Landlordship Act, the Affordable Rent Act and the Fixed Lease Contracts Act. In particular, the latter bill, in which the law restricts the use of temporary leases, can pose a difficult challenge. For example, the fixed-term rental contract, model 2016 (maximum 2 years for self-contained accommodation / 5 years for non-self-contained accommodation) may no longer be applied from 1 January 2024. However, exceptions apply, in which case it is important to understand and correctly apply the new rules. 

Alvast is ready to help you find the best solution for temporarily renting out or filling in accommodation on the basis of a loan, taking into account the new laws and regulations. Knowing more? Do not hesitate and contact us directly!

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