Number of squatters is increasing

The number of squatters is increasing again! As a vacancy manager, we offer a service with various options to prevent squatting and professionally secure the object in question. 

We secure the object with our trusted anti-squatting service. By selecting reliable residents and offering them a living/working space in the vacant property, we reduce the risk of squatting. These residents not only ensure that the object looks 'lived in', but they are also that extra pair of eyes and ears that guarantees safety in and around the object. We also offer temporary rental. Renting out an object temporarily not only prevents squatting, but also generates income for the owner. 

Is it not possible to transform the object into a home or workspace? This choice can then be made to have the object and the grounds monitored 24/7 by means of camera surveillance. This camera surveillance is easy to install, completely wireless and sends a snapshot to the control room when a person or vehicle is detected.

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