• pannerden
  • Service charge:
  • Postal Code: 6911 BC
  • Notice period: 3 months
  • Registration process: Download
  • €521,59 /month
  • Excluding GWE
80 m2


Living space available in Pannerden.

Piece about the location:

At this location it is important to have good contact with the neighborhood in order to create a pleasant and livable (living) environment for everyone. That is why we ask you to commit yourself to the neighborhood; helping the neighbors if necessary and keeping the environment tidy. Do you enjoy working in the garden? Then you are definitely in the right place with a front and back garden! Garden maintenance is the responsibility of the resident(s) and we ensure that it remains tidy.

Selection process

The selection process looks at your motivation and substantiation for wanting to live here. Does this house appeal to you? Then read on quickly!

Contract (and monthly costs)

The house is offered on a temporary rental basis. This means that the total duration is unknown in advance. The minimum term is 6 months. The notice period from Alvast is 3 months and from you as a resident 1 month. The monthly costs are from €565,00 per month excluding the costs for gas, water and electricity.

How do you qualify?

Do you like this living space and do you meet the following conditions?

- Are you 18 years or older?
- No pets?
- Are you socially oriented, and can you support this with a clear motivation?
- Are you willing to contribute to the neighborhood?
- Are you registered with Alvast?
- Don't you mind living in a temporary home with the result that you don't know how long you can live here and therefore have to move more often?

Then sign up quickly!


Are you interested in this? Then sign up quickly!

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