of vacant real estate

Real estate protection through surveillance

Camera surveillance

Not all properties are suitable for temporary use. The available period may be too short, or it may not be financially feasible to make properties secure and ready for use. In most cases, temporary camera surveillance is a highly effective solution.

  • Camera surveillance is linked to a monitoring center
  • Photo and video images are immediately viewed upon detection
  • A certified security guard is dispatched to the location immediately if necessary
  • This ensures an in-progress situation, and evacuation occurs immediately
  • The system has its own power supply
  • The minimum rental period is 4 weeks with a notice period of 7 days
  • The number of cameras required is determined per project

Physical surveillance

In cases of emergency, immediate physical security on an hourly basis can be deployed through Alvast. Certified security guards ensure the prevention of squatting and burglary and ensure that the police, fire department, and/or other emergency services can be immediately called in if necessary.  

Comprehensive property checks

Alvast can thoroughly inspect your real estate according to your preferences regarding:
  • Damage/leaks/burglary
  • Energy consumption
  • Checking/clearing gutters
  • Fire hazard
  • Graffiti
  • Emptying the mailbox
  • (Emergency) lighting
  • Loitering/vandalism
  • Status of green areas