The impact of vacancy tax on healthcare real estate

Vacancy is a common challenge in real estate, including in the healthcare real estate sector. What options do healthcare institutions and housing associations have to tackle this impending vacancy problem? And what can Alvast do for them? 

Healthcare real estate is a sector that is constantly developing. The staff shortage and other changes in healthcare can lead to vacancies in healthcare complexes.

The costs of real estate, especially in healthcare, have risen enormously. As a result, healthcare institutions have been under great financial pressure. What makes it even worse is that the measure to introduce vacancy tax still hangs like a dark cloud over the sector. Loneliness is a major problem among seniors and those in need of care. The question is: what can healthcare institutions do with those vacant or vacant spaces? and how can the residents of healthcare institutions enjoy living there again? 

Success concept: The Atmosphere Makers 

We can help you to avoid vacancy and make optimal use of your vacant healthcare real estate. Through our management concepts, loan and temporary rental construction, your healthcare real estate remains occupied. 

At Alvast we believe it is not only important to protect your real estate against vacancy disasters and keep it profitable, but also to leave a social footprint. For this we can implement our atmosphere creator concept within your building. The Atmosphere Makers consist of young people with a social background. We use an extensive selection procedure for this concept. 

In addition to minimizing vacancy emergencies, the Atmosphere Makers are of great added value for the care recipients of your complex. This is a win-win situation for all parties. The vacancy is temporarily filled, the quality of life is maintained, the owner is unburdened, earns an overall rental sum and the Atmosphere Makers add something to the quality of life of those in need of care. 

The Atmosphere Makers concept has been a success with both target groups and several residents are already asking whether this concept can be continued. This says enough about the findings! 

Curious about the Atmosphere Makers concept and what we as Alvast can do for your organization? Do not hesitate and contact the regional office in your area.