Working together for a colorful Frederikstraat

On Friday, April 12, Alvast and the residents of Frederikstraat gave their front gardens a thorough overhaul. Spring is already in full swing, and a colorful front garden cannot be missed! 

In the morning we started hanging wall bags with flowers at the front of the houses. This simple adjustment immediately brought color and a cheerful atmosphere to the Frederikstraat. 

We then started working on various garden work together with the residents. We pruned, removed weeds and sowed wildflowers. It was great to see how local residents enthusiastically committed themselves to a common goal. 

During the work there were nice conversations with other local residents. Children from the neighborhood stopped by to chat, which created a lot of fun. 

After all that hard work it was time for a well-deserved break. We had provided a delicious lunch on behalf of Alvast, where the residents also contributed by making fresh soup. All in all, we look back on a very successful day. It was fun to see how both the street and the bond between the residents blossomed during the day! 

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